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Championing the Extraordinary

The Decora team of passionate creatives have their own exciting visions as well ... with a key emphasis on taking your project to an awe-inspiring level while also aligning synergistically with your architecture's theme and vision. There are no limits to what director Wolfe and his world-class creative team at Decora can conceive and produce to take the art in your hotel to to an unforgettable plateau.  View some of Decora's prospective visions below. 


Wine Label Art

The idea of using Decora collections for wine labels was initially sparked by how fitting Wolfe's classical masterwork portrayal of Jeanne d'Arc would be for a French wine label.  From that initial vision it became obvious how many more
of Decora's collections could ...


Winery Mural / "Bacchus"

Check out Decora's exciting vision of creating an epic-scale Classical Italian-style mural of Bacchus, satyrs, and nymphs in a Midsummer Night's Dream forest setting for an adventurous winery that wants a major masterwork in their lobby that is an attraction in and of itself ...


The Messengers Alive

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