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A team of world-class innovative artists unites with the singular aim of taking

hospitality art to a whole new level by creating nothing less than the extraordinary.

This is Decora. 

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Changing the world with art.

Decora Overview

Decora, a trailblazer in bespoke art for hotels and architecture, is unveiling a new paradigm

in hotel aesthetics. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, Decora sets the stage for

an unparalleled guest experience through its meticulously curated and crafted art pieces. 

Decora boasts an expansive repertoire of art styles and genres, from realism to abstract,

on any substrate, at any size - strategically designed to harmonize with the distinct identity

of each hotel.  Themes of beauty, love and nature permeate Decora’s timeless creations,

archetypally resonating with a global audience of travelers and locals alike.


T. Christian Wolfe


                Every new work or series I embark on                              

                                 my intention is always the same ---          

   to exceed what I did before ...               

            in its design and power to inspire.

Our Founder & Director


T. Christian Wolfe  Founder & Director

With a distinguished career that spans over three decades T. Christian Wolfe has continuously produced epic works with a keenly developed eye for original concept, impeccable design, and masterful execution. His astute Classical training gives uncommon depth to his works for not only the fine art world but the digital and animation world as well.  

Wolfe has created epic paintings and murals for such prestigious clients as Dreamworks, Disney, Lucasfilm (Industrial Light and Magic), Sony, Kenny Loggins, The California Academy of Sciences, The Oakland Museum, Yellowstone Club World's Emerald Cay, and many others.

His work has been described as classical, epic, visionary, universal, and unforgettable.

Khalila Wolfe  Interior Design

Drew Gojsovich  Executive Assistant

Angie Farynnyk  Client Liaison

Robin Reno  Outreach

Felipe Romero  Production Manager

We exist to create the extraordinary



Whatever can be conceived we can create ... in any style ... on any substrate.

The Five Stages of our Process

Our passion and forte is to engage at the very beginning stages of a given project and

work directly with your project's architect and interior design team to curate and conceive

of the best artistic possibility that maintains the standard of your establishment.

Consulting (free)

We  offer our initial consultation for free as we only want to collaborate if there will be mutual alignment and benefit.  Only upon establishing we are a mutually good fit will we progress to the designing phase.

Designing (two parts)

This is the exciting collaborative phase ... ideally working directly with your project's architect as well as interior designer.  Magic happens here with the unplanned ideas that can emerge from the wellspring of endless possibilities.  We want to achieve something truly unique here.

This phase includes us creating a prototype that assures you our initial ideas are actually solid and workable in your actual environment. 

Once tested and approved we move on to full production.


During this phase of creation we will give constant updates on the production progress ... especially in the case where new works are created throughout the duration of this production phase.  Here you will have the chance to refine, change, or even reject any works that do not match the integrity of the approved vision. 


Our finished works are packaged with the utmost care to assure everything arrives in perfect condition.  The works will all come with certificates of authenticity as well ... especially in the case of limited editions.


This is where we reunite with your project's architect and interior designer once again to assure the highest level of integration into your architecture.

Our installation team is just as meticulously qualified as our creative team.

Voilà ... Accomplished!

A few of our Clients


Decora's presentation is impeccable.

Chris Hemmeter / Hyatt Regency

Our Mission / Ethos

Comprised of passionate visionaries intent on changing the world with art, Decora thrives on being on the leading edge of a creative revolution,  Our style is universal, grand, opulent, sexy, and daring. We can boast over 50 years of collective experience, demonstrating consistency and excellence in our craft individually, and as a dynamic force combined.  Drawing from this rich tapestry, we are dedicated to delivering an unparalleled interior art experience to the equally adventurous client. 

Our collective portfolios span every arena of art imaginable ... from interior to exterior; paintings to epic-scale murals; and our work can be produced on every substrate conceivable.  And if what we envision together has never been done before we will passionately embrace that challenge to figure out the "how".

We exist to champion the exceptional - leading a new standard

of design for luxury hotels and establishments.  Decora's productions are committed to honoring place, history, location, and architecture, whilst simultaneously pushing boundaries to new heights - from conception to completion. 

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