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We Live to Inspire

July 2023

While Decora International may be a relatively new kid on the art-for-businesses scene it hardly lacks expertise, nor refreshing originality -- as its team boasts a collective art, film, and events portfolio of over 50 years total that brings a wealth of experience to the client who recognizes extraordinary talent. 

The Decora team believes art should be more than mere decoration to fill blank walls.  "It's our responsibility as true artists to bring the unimaginable into our everyday lives.", conveys one of the team's interior designers.

Simply put, Decora is dedicated to sheer excellence with a passion to exceed the boundaries with each new project they choose to undertake.

Downplaying a compliment, company founder
and chief artist, Christian Wolfe, facetiously jests, "Chaos is the fuel that ignites creative brilliance ... which emerges more from stubborn determination than any magical genius".  Albeit, one look at Wolfe's art it's undeniable you're viewing the work of one of today's modern masters ... which true creative genius is certainly a big part of.

Decora projects include operations in the US, as well as Bali and Italy.  Stay tuned for more details on these and other exciting projects.

~ Words from the Editor

COMING SOON ... Decora's response to the controversial surgence of AI art.

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