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Las Vegas, Nevada

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Overview of a Unique Art Vision

Concept, Design, and Direction: Christian Wolfe & Decora


Since its inception by the company's director Christian Wolfe, Decora International has positioned itself to be at the forefront of the most unique custom bespoke art groups in the world.  As ambitious as that may sound they have the collective years of experience to back it up.  The passion and forte of Decora's international team of top level creatives in every field is to work directly with a client's architect and interior design team from the very start of a given project ... so as to have seamless integration between the art and the architecture, ~ as well as conceiving something far more impacting beyond the art itself.


Early February of 2024 Federica Stelli of Top Hotel Projects contacted Christian Wolfe, director of Decora International, to bring to his attention the upcoming Hard Rock "Guitar" Hotel scheduled to open in Las Vegas in 2026.  Stelli felt this particular project would be perfectly suited for the full girth of Decora's capabilities.   After a week of contemplating this truly exciting project Wolfe was hit with a powerful vision, which would not only take the Hard Rock Hotel's art to a whole new level, mirroring the sensational architecture itself, but also put into action the core values that have guided the Hard Rock brand for over half a century ... being, the love of uniting all humanity.


Wolfe's vision for the sensational new Hard Rock Hotel takes the hotel's art to a whole new level by orchestrating 100 world-class artists from across the globe to create epic-scale stunning portraits of our greatest rock stars throughout history.  Aside from the memorabilia the Hard Rock Hotels are famous for, the addition of these larger than life portraits will expand the element of "star" personality to the 1,271 suites and lobby.  Additionally, the uniting of multi-cultural artists from across the globe makes a timely statement when a sense of human connectedness is so direly needed, ... putting into action the company's founding principle: “Love All-Serve All, Take Time To Be Kind, Save The Planet, and All Is One".  Decora has the artist alliance and directing ability to orchestrate this grand endeavor from beginning to end.  Keep scrolling below to get further details about this exciting vision.   


There are two main facets to this vision:

1) The Unique Art in and of itself   |  2) A Timely Message to Humanity

Part One: The Art

The Art

Part One

Taking the first aspect of the art itself ... the Decora team can custom create any purely "decorative" style to merely match the room's color scheme and fill the blank walls.  However, the vision here is to create epic-scale, museum-level, awe-inspiring portrayals of the stars throughout music history ... which even further enhances the element of star persona that is the cornerstone of the Hard Rock theme.  The objective is to create emotionally uplifting portrayals ... and in a style of execution that is fitting for the hotel's over all theme and decor.  These portrayals can be originals on canvas, or museum-quality Giclée prints.  And in either case the art can be gallery-wrapped, or have custom frames.  There could even be an element of neon lighting to mirror the hotel's outer building.  See some samples below of the emotion and stylization of these iconic star portraits ... each clearly artistic, as well as being unique.


facsimiles of the intended art


"Wings of Victory"

Art Facsimiles

“Love All, Serve All, Save the Planet, Take Time to Be Kind, All is One.”

                                                                                                                                   ~ Hard Rock International Motto

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The Biz of Art

The Business of Art

The Commodities: Revenue for All

Guests of the hotel may well ultimately want originals or prints of the art displayed in their rooms.  The suites could have a card of some kind to visit the hotel's gallery to view the catalog of the hotel's entire print collection.  This is not only a perk to the guests but especially as an added support to the global artists that contributed to the creation of the hotel's collection of iconic music star portraits.  And of course there can be endless spinoffs of other forms of reproducing the portrait art.  Decora can also orchestrate every aspect of this ... in conjunction with the hotel gallery.

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Part Two

The Global Message

Aligning with the founding principle of Hard Rock International, the vision to orchestrate 100 artists from across the globe sends a timely message to the world ... putting into action the company's motto: "Love all, Serve all, Save the Planet, Take Time to be Kind, All is One".  This unique collection of iconic portraits of the stars, which might be entitled Hard Rock Hotel's "Global Alliance" Collection, would not only bring in substantial revenue, but could also be aligned with some form of charity. 

Part 2
Wolfe Quote

    In the tone of one of music history's greatest events, "We Are the World",

this vision is not only meant to unite music with art ... but, to simultaneously

unify all world cultures as we bring artists from just about every country

to pay tribute to the music that has given meaning to all of our lives.

~ T. Christian Wolfe


The Process

The Process

(General Summary)

Aligning with the founding principle of Hard Rock International, the vision to orchestrate 100 artists from across the globe sends a timely message to the world ... putting into action the company's motto: "One For All, All For One, Love All".  This unique collection of iconic portraits of the stars, which could be entitled Hard Rock Hotel's "Global Alliance" Collection.  There could also be some form of charitable aspect as well regarding the proceeds from print and product sales.

Given there was approval to go forward on this vision ... 

  • We would first conclude WHAT you want and WHERE it will go. 

  • And whether the works are originals or prints ... as well as any possible murals.

  • From that information we would then conclude a cost estimate.

  • If all is still a go ... we would then create prototypes for you to approve.

  • Moving into full production we will be ...

  • Concluding which 100 of our many artists are perfect for this vision ...

  • Directing what emotion the portrait portrays ...

  • Monitoring the production ...

  • Then, handling all reproduction of the originals ...

  • As well as all framing ...

  • And even handling theft-proof installation.

  • Furthermore, we can direct or even handle all aspects of promoting the exclusive series, and handling production of reproductions to maintain utmost quality.


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