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A team of world-class innovative artists unites with the singular aim of taking

hospitality art to a whole new level by creating nothing less than the extraordinary.

This is Decora. 

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When perfection is the standard.


We exist to champion the exceptional.

Overview 1

The Decora Vision

My initial vision with Decora was essentially to raise the bar of art for the hospitality industry to a museum-quality level.  That initial inspiration has blossomed even further since Decora's inception in 2018.  

On several occasions during my 40+ year multi-faceted art career I've had the pleasure of working alongside the project's architect and interior designer - whereby the art was intentionally integrated into the actual physical structures. 

This by far provided the highest possibility for a seamless

blend between art and architecture.   

Artistic direction is my passion -- pushing the bar higher with each new project.  As such, my ideal client is one who is brave enough to follow the visions that come from creatively curious and explorative minds, with an intention to inspire the viewer.  

Beyond mere decoration, art can be imbued with a deeply moving and inspiring message ... even giving rise to healing.


~ Christian Wolfe / Decora Founder & Director

Overview 2

Let's Collaborate!

Comprised of passionate visionaries intent on changing the world with art, Decora thrives on being on the leading edge of a creative revolution,  Our style is universal, grand, opulent, sexy, and daring. We can boast over 50 years of collective experience, demonstrating consistency and excellence in our craft, -- individually, and as a dynamic force combined.  Drawing from this rich tapestry, we are dedicated to delivering an unparalleled interior art experience to the equally adventurous client. 

Our collective portfolios span every arena of art imaginable ... from interior to exterior; paintings to epic-scale murals; and our work can be produced on every substrate possible.  And if what we conceive together has never been done before we will passionately embrace

that challenge to figure out the "how".

We exist to champion the exceptional -- leading a new standard of design for luxury hotels and establishments.  Decora's productions are committed to honoring place, history, location, and architecture, whilst simultaneously pushing boundaries to new heights -- from conception to completion. 


Call us for a free consultation.


~ The Decora Team


Decora's presentation is impeccable.

Chris Hemmeter / Hyatt Regency

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