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"Between Two Worlds"

by Thomas Christian Wolfe


To paint what inspires you? ... Or, to paint what sells? ... That is the question.

At least for me it has been a bit of a dilemma, ~ as I finally segued from a lifetime of creating for other people's dreams (Disney, Dreamworks, Sony, Christie's, museums, and the like) ... to now putting out my own work as a name artist. While I've always heard we artists must create a consistent theme and style in order to build a solid following, ... for the most part I've followed whatever inspired me ... with little or no regard for whether it might be a "selling" subject. This piece here for example - which I've entitled: "Between Two Worlds" - was inspired when my wife at the time was slowly awakening one morning and held a pausing pose. Luckily I happened to be perusing my phone on a nearby chair right then and was able to capture that magic moment. The emotion of

her pose immediately inspired the thought of Persephone at the Gates of Hades ... the moment of surrendering to her fate. And thus, I built all else around her to suit my version of that allegory ... from the bleeding persimmon to the gatekeeper ravens. From there I went on to create many unrelated images ... all perhaps with a similar artistic sensibility ... yet, none necessarily following any consistent theme. Will this sell? Only time will tell. Yet, I think strictly painting what I wanted to has been a necessary phase, most likely to transition away from painting only what I was told to as an obedient commercial artist. And as I slowly discovered myself in this invaluable phase of my process - the "consistent" aspect has ultimately come into now. ~ (to be continued)

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